Episode 12 - There's a Troll in the Dungeon

In this episode of Clout Check, hosts Dani (@dani_the_explorer) and Kelsey (@heykelseyj) talk about everyone's favorite internet sensation, the troll. Believe it or not, these Clout Queens are not immune to the ugly existence of internet trolls, but they're ready to spill ALL the tea about previous times they've taken trolls to battle to protect their precious Clout Kingdoms. Ready to learn about the various species of trolls and how you can defeat them? Get your shields and yellow jackets b*tches - THERE'S A TROLL IN THE DUNGEON.


Do you have internet trolls in your life? It's okay, sis. We do too! Yay! JK. Internet trolls are Clout Check hosts Dani Rodriguez and Kelsey Johnson's least favorite things in the world. Unfortunately, trolls will not be going away anytime soon. They're a part of life we must all learn to live with, no matter how much we wish they'd just stay under the bridge they crawled out of. In this episode of Clout Check, Kelsey and Dani pull back the curtains to let you in on some experiences they've had with trolls. TBH, you wont want to miss these stories and we're not going to spoil them here! Listen to the episode to learn all about THEM TROLLS IN THE DUNGEON.


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In this weekly podcast, Instagram influencers, photographers, and world travelers Dani Rodriguez (@dani_the_explorer) and Kelsey Johnson (@heykelseyj) pull back the curtains on what it’s REALLY like having #influence. 

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