Episode 13 - Why I'm Quitting #Vanlife

Ah, the open road. For some reason, in today's society, selling all your precious things and jumping into a van smaller than the size of a studio apartment is what all of us seem to be striving for. You have not LIVED until you’ve been a “wandering nomad”. Well you’re resident clout queens are about to burst some bubbles of this made-for-Instagram fairytale! Jk but really, in this episode of Clout Check, influencer hosts Dani (@dani_the_explorer) and Kelsey (@heykelseyj) are spilling the tea on #VanLife. The girls each speak from their both their experiences traveling via campervans throughout their careers. Fasten your seatbelts and give this episode a listen!


Ever think about what it would be like to live in a van full time? Well we got you covered, sis. In this episode of Clout Check, hosts Dani and Kelsey talk about what traveling in a campervan is REALLY like.

Kelsey's Vanlife Experience

Kelsey has taken multiple lengthy road trips in a campervan! She has also has experience doing promotional Instagram posts for campervan rental companies. She knows what it's like to travel in a campervan like most tourists do these days.

Dani's Vanlife Experience

Dani, on the other hand, lives in a campervan full time. Last year, she traveled the entire USA with her partner Scott. Together, they went up and down the west coast, then over to the east coast. In other words, SHE KNOWS THE TEA PEEPS.

Listen to Episode 13 now!

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In this weekly podcast, Instagram influencers, photographers, and world travelers Dani Rodriguez (@dani_the_explorer) and Kelsey Johnson (@heykelseyj) pull back the curtains on what it’s REALLY like having #influence. 

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