Episode 14 - Sh*t No One Tells You About Being a Freelancer

So you wanna be a freelancer? Well b*tch, you'll want to listen to this episode of Clout Check because your clout queens Kelsey (@heykelseyj) and Dani (@dani_the_explorer) are about to drop some knowledge on working for yourself! Real talk, though, there's a lot that most folks don't tell you about what happens when you talk the plunge to become a freelancer, but don't worry sis! Dani and Kelsey are here to spill the tea to help you live out your boss b*tch dreams. Sit back, relax, and bust out the burn ointment because this tea is coming straight off the kettle.


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In this weekly podcast, Instagram influencers, photographers, and world travelers Dani Rodriguez (@dani_the_explorer) and Kelsey Johnson (@heykelseyj) pull back the curtains on what it’s REALLY like having #influence. 

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