Episode 4 - How We Gained 100k+ Instagram Followers in 12 Months

WANT TO GET MORE INSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS IN 2020? Your clout hungry hosts are here to help. Instagram influencers, Dani (@dani_the_explorer) and Kelsey (@heykelseyj) know what it takes to grow an audience FAST. The girls each have over 100k Instagram followers and are ready to spill their best social media secrets with y'all - all the juicy details, no bullsh*t. In this episode of Clout Check you'll get Kelsey and Dani's top 10 tips for gaining Instagram followers, and learn how they've applied these tips to their own Instagram accounts!




Episode Transcript

Kelsey Johnson 0:10

And welcome to Clout Check. Your influencer hosts, Dani The Explorer and Hey Kelsey J breaking it down for you each week on what it's really like to have hashtag influence with absolutely zero filter. If you like what you hear please subscribe, give us a rating. You know the drill we are all about that clout.

Dani Rodriguez 0:28

Like Kelsey said, please make sure you really do leave us a rating because it's very important and we want to get famous. So yeah, there we go. Shameless plug.

Kelsey Johnson 0:36

We need the clout.

Dani Rodriguez 0:39

All right, but you know what, kiddos we're going to be straight up with y'all. We're kind of sort of low key nervous about recording this episode because we don't want to be no boring bitches. This ain't gonna be about Russians, about ass-shot wanderbabes, about fucking turnips or whatever else you're expecting. Today's episode is serious fucking business because we get asked about this all the time. And that is, drumroll please *sound effects*

How to grow your following on Instagram. So just as a little bit of background, we are social media personalities. I have over 100,000 followers on the gram Kelsey's sitting at over 200,000. So we'd like to think that we know a little bit about something about growing on that app. And today we want to talk to you guys about how you can do the same so that you could get on our clout levels. Thank you.

Kelsey Johnson 1:36

Exactly what Dani said here on every single day I get asked how do I grow on Instagram? I feel like so many people feel like they are stuck. And there are so many easy to follow tips as to how to grow your account. I think we both sit in a place where we spend so much fucking time and our lives on this stupid little app that we've really figured this out down to a science. Like Dani said, I think both of us gained over 100,000 followers and under a year. The stats are there you can stalk us you can fucking check up on that stat we are fucking real here that's actually what we did. So yeah, we are here to let you guys know everything you need to do to grow your account and grow your account fast. Okay time to get into our tips to grow your account as fast as possible. We are talking about 100K and under a year like we did it. We are about to lay it on you fast and furious. So be sure to think about everything we're saying and take some notes if you want to bitches like this is on you. Alright, Dani, you want to go with tip one?

Dani Rodriguez 2:36

Tip number one have a niche. What that means is if your fashion if your food, your travel, whatever it may be, you need to find what is kind of your unique thing and you need to be focusing on creating content in that niche and do the best content you possibly can. So that's because we have found and Kelsey can definitely attest to this because we are tried and true travel folks, but people want to go to your page for a specific reason. If you're a workout person, I don't necessarily maybe want to see what your makeup routine is like I want to see workouts that's what I came here for. Same thing with a travel person, I'm following you because I probably want some more info on my next vacation. So you need to stick to a niche and do this for a while until you see like consistent account growth. And then honestly, over time, I think niches definitely change. Your followers are going to get more interested in other aspects of your life. So maybe going back to that workout example if you're that person pumping out the ABS giving everybody a fucking six pack and you look fly with your weave and your eyelashes done all well, maybe then people are gonna be like, "Hey, girl, you know, can you tell me about your makeup routine? Because I just love how amazingly beautiful you look at all of your videos," and then that's when you're like, okay, I could start taking other bits in pieces from other niches and kind of incorporating them into my account. Anyways, the power of a niche is very important and people underestimate it.

Kelsey Johnson 4:07

I think that's so true. Um, like, think about this, think about like you are building a clout building a virtual clout building, you cannot, you cannot build up this building unless you have your foundation set. And what is that foundation? That is your niche that is your personal brand. And you will not know what kind of twigs or wood or cement to build your clout. Wow, I should, I should go to an engineering class that you should build your clout building out of until you have that foundation. So that is the first step you have to do is figure out what your brand is. And it can change over time. You don't have to know about it right away. But you need to at least start thinking about it so that you can start posting content that is, that will always centered around that brand that you've already thought for yourself.

Dani Rodriguez 4:55

Okay, um, I just want to take a step back real quick. You do told people to basically build a building out of twigs. What do you want them to do build a fucking bird's nest? Like-

Kelsey Johnson 5:07

It's sustainable, Dani. We're talking about-

Dani Rodriguez 5:10

No carbon emissions in my twig house. Yes, thank you. It could easily catch on fire, but it's fine, natural materials.

Kelsey Johnson 5:18

One earthquake you are homeless. Tip number two for you guys. You have to post consistently and you have to use hashtags on every single post. When I say post consistently, I mean every single day at the same time every day. I can't tell you how many like really amazingly talented creatives that I know that would be so much further with their Instagram growth if they posted every day. So if you have quality content, it doesn't matter. Unless you're posting me daily and posting at the same time. It really helps as well both with the algorithm, with your audience knowing when to look for it, all those fun things. You just have to get around that. One way so you don't miss your posting time. Definitely plan the next day's post the day before or even plan your entire week of content ahead of time. And for hashtags, you should be using 30 hashtags on every single one of your posts. I like to do it where I put it into a comment right after I post. Because that way, it doesn't make your caption look, look as clout desperate as we all are, let's be real. So put your 30 hashtags in a caption, however, you should not just be using any hashtag, the hashtags have to make sense for your niche and whatever the photo is of. And they should not be that broad. Like if it's a like photo of a pretty scene, do not do hashtag nature. No one is checking the hashtag nature hashtag, there's billions of photos on it, you're not going to get any views. That way, you should be thinking about hashtags that when you're starting out, maybe have 10,000 to 100,000 views on them so that your photo is going to come to the top. And they should be leveling up to feature accounts in your niche because that's the way feature accounts are going to find you and they're going to start reposting your content. And that's how new people see your stuff. And that's you gain followers in your clout. So just be sure that you are using hashtags that makes sense for you. Don't just take them from somebody else. Don't just do these general words. And you can also use location specific hashtags if you're going to certain places. That way you can drill down your niche and make sure that you're getting those followers from that place. Because they're going to be so specific to those photos and that's going to be high quality.

Dani Rodriguez 7:18

Hashtag agree hashtag. Good job. Hashtag you said it. Hashtag wow sis tips for days. Tip number three, plan out your feed. Kelsey hinted a little bit at this by making sure that you're planning out your feed maybe a day ahead or a couple days ahead before you actually post something to make sure that your posts are looking cohesive, you edit any way that you want to. Also I personally find that I write much better captions when I actually take the time to think about them ahead of time and I'm not trying to do them last minute. I mean, that's the truth, but I still do them last minute. Oh, well. And also if you're planning out your feed, I think it helps so much to make sure that you're sticking to that consistency because you basically have no excuses to not post something because you already planned it out. It's that easy to do, all you have to do is hit post and you're done. As far as what programs to use to plan out your feed, there's a lot out there but a free one that Kelsey and I both like to use is called UNUM. And it basically puts all your little pictures into tiles, and you can drag them around and make fancy little color schemes and checker boards or whatever, so that you're making your feed look as beautiful as it possibly can. Or maybe you also have stuff that is kind of timely, and you need to make sure you post on this day and you want your photos around that picture to look a certain way. So basically what we're saying is get some sort of planning app, so you're not just kind of like pulling this out of your ass and hoping for the best.

Kelsey Johnson 8:48

Yeah, exactly. Um, so UNUM, I don't know how you say that. Just for you guys out there, you spell that U-N-U-M. If you search on the App Store, it's a free app you can download and you can start planning your feed. What we kind of need too buy planning or feed is when you're looking at your feed and needs to be cohesive, right? And when we say cohesive, we mean that it needs to flow it needs to not only be on brand it needs to look clean, the photos need to pop you need to be able to see what's going on. And I personally think it's really helpful to have consistent colors, that does not mean that you have to just mute all your tones because you don't know how to put all these colors in. It does not mean that you can't use different colors. But for example, here's our going with this. Like yesterday I was gonna post this portrait of me and the background was very turquoise. Four days ago I saw on my feed I posted a very blue photo of me and some water, but that blue of the water was like a dark blue. So what I did with this turquoise portrait that I had already edited after I saw it didn't match the other photos in UNUM was I went back into Lightroom I use the hue slider tool to change my blues from aqua back to that other blue so that I colors in my feed match. And that way I can put it back into my planning app, I can see all my colors are flowing beautifully and these consistent colors, that's gonna look better to someone looking at your feed than just like a clusterfuck of all these different kind of colors going on here. So just be thinking about that your colors, do these photos look good together. If you're wanderbabing it up, maybe don't do five standing photos in a row, maybe sit, maybe stand, maybe sit, let's mix it up. I think you're getting the idea here you guys because once people click on your profile, and that's when they're going to check your feed as a whole, they're going to decide within 20 seconds whether or not they're going to smash that follow button. So it's the cohesiveness that's going to get them to follow you. A lot of creators talk about color theory. And that sounds like a very complicated, like really scary thing. You're like, Oh my god, I have to go to design school or I can't be an influencer. No, you can literally just google I mean, yes, there are people that are very good at that in their own way. But the basics of that, literally Google color wheel, color wheel like we're back in kindergarten, and you can see all the colors that are opposite the wheel, and those are complimentary colors and those are going to look good together. So orange is opposite blue. I believe green is opposite yellow.

Dani Rodriguez 11:07

No, no, no, no, no. It's purple. Oh, is it red? It's red. You're right. It's red. Oh my gosh

Kelsey Johnson 11:13

It's red it's Christmas your feed is Christmas, bitches. Um, clearly, we are not experts in color theory, but just literally Google it. And you're if you don't feel like you're really good at colors and matching colors, you can literally just follow the color wheel. It's that simple.

Dani Rodriguez 11:27

And when you Google it, please send it to us because we obviously don't know the color wheel ourselves .

Kelsey Johnson 11:33

And that brings us to tip four, you have to engage with your online community. And it really helps if you hashtag collab with other creators. You should be responding to all the wonderful comments that people are commenting on your photos. People want to hear from you. And if they hear from you not only do they feel like they know you and they're more connected to you, they're going to continue to engage in your photos and that's a very good thing for you to also responding to DMs, maybe not to the creepers, that land in my inbox, but to the kind DMs you get, definitely try to respond to everyone you can. Um, it helps so much just with connecting with people and your audience and they will stay with you if they feel like they know you and they can speak with you. Um, when we're talking about doing collaborations with other creators, this is kind of for a few reasons, I feel like. "A" it's so helpful to know everyone that's in your niche or community, or at least some of the people in it for so many reasons, if you do travel like us, and you have people to travel with that are like minded that you guys can help each other shoot photos for Instagram and for gigs. But for any niche, it's really relevant because you also are probably working with the same you know, brands and clients and that way, you can make sure that you're all you know, like you understand what's going on in the industry. Um, honestly, I don't know we could probably talk about in a whole other episode, but that way I think you can kind of talk about rates and make sure that no one's undercutting each other. I feel like we should honestly all be doing that more, myself included. So that's why it's so good to know everyone in the industry. And on top of that, you know, if we just want to have like some shameless clout time, if you are traveling with each other, if you are showing up in other people's photos, then you're getting tagged on other accounts. And people are gonna be like, oh, who's this ginger bitch? And they click on it, and it's me, or you or whoever it is, by this point, you probably dyed your hair ginger, so it's probably you. Um, so that to say, you can all kind of like cross promote each other in a way that's not too force. Like if you're genuinely hanging out, it's not weird to tag them, but it's still helping you. So get to their community and start hitting up people in your niche even if you're just sliding through the DMs in a friendly way, there's nothing wrong with doing that. Just start connecting with people that are doing the same thing you do. It's great to have friends.

Dani Rodriguez 13:45

Wow friends.

Kelsey Johnson 13:49

Dani who slipped through our DMs first? Was a you or me?

Dani Rodriguez 13:52

I'm gonna say it was you because you're a desperate ho.

Kelsey Johnson 13:55

Oh, wow. Podcast over. Friendship over.

Dani Rodriguez 14:00

Hashtag cancelled hashtag you bitch hashtag don't @ me, bro. Moving onto number five. And I think this is actually one of the most important things you can do if you're trying to make this your full time thing or even I guess if you're just a curious person, you should be doing this. But that is right now if you don't already make sure your account is a creator or business account of some sorts and there's a few reasons for this. One, if you're trying to work with brands, they're going to ask you for your insights. Two insights give you a lot of insight as to what it's happening with your account. I mean, seriously numbers they work for a reason exists for a reason. So you should be looking at those. And you also get really cool features like being able to tag brands that you're working with. You can also have your inbox filters that if you get creepy DMs like Kelsey, they go into their own little special timeout corner until they're going to be read on this podcast. So let's go into insights. Now understanding these are super important. I have my phone open because I want to read these to you guys live so you understand what the fuck is happening in here. So when you first open your insights is going to show you a content and activity and an audience tab. Content is all about the things that you have recently just posted. So on posts, you can look at what posts gave you the most followers what posts gave you a bunch of reach the impressions that they got, and a bunch of others I think even like email click throughs and website click throughs are on there too, which is cool. You can also see story posts, you can see when your followers are like watching your story, watching your story, and then they start to drop off so you can kind of think like, okay, maybe I need to stop being boring. Yeah, I fucking suck. And I need to make some changes to my content immediately. That's what these insights just told me. I really am the potato I always thought, there we go.

And then the Activity tab is what I feel like brands, ask for probably the most or I guess, like it's just really important to be able to show them some good numbers in here. But that's just overall looking at your account. How is it performing reach wise? How many people are actually seeing your content? Are they clicking on your things? Are you getting profile website clicks, etc. And then you can even see these on like a little calendar. So it shows you Saturday through Friday, what the hell was going on with your account and then finally, audience another really important tab too, but knowing how many males and females you have following you, where all of them are located down to the city and country you can even look at how many people are unfollowing you so you could really know how much you fucking suck. Let's just be honest.

Kelsey Johnson 16:46

My least favorite one I don't like it.

Dani Rodriguez 16:48

that one is always it like hurts

Kelsey Johnson 16:52

It hits the heart. Yeah, dagger to the heart.

Dani Rodriguez 16:55

I know. Oh my God, if there's anything that gives me a real clout check, it's when I see how many of you fuckers unfollow me, and hate me now So there we go. And then the last thing too is how active your audience is like on a per day or per hour basis that you understand when to reach them, because there's no point in posting at 12 o'clock in the morning, if nobody's gonna see that stuff. So, yes, if there's anything that you get from this, and you're like, I don't want to edit my photos, I don't want to- just please look into your insights, because numbers are King.

Kelsey Johnson 17:30

Yes, great point. And I would say, Well, obviously you should all be looking at these insights for just yourself and so you know what your top performing content is. But when you start working with brands, I would say the top things you absolutely have to share are if you do a sponsor posts, they're probably going to ask for the stats from that post specifically. And also to get a gig you probably have to show your average number of impressions on a post which you can only see through this. Audience demographics like Dani said are so important because usually brands want to target a specific audience, I guess a specific demographic. So they want to know where your followers are and their age and all of that. And so it's super, super important. And that is going to bring us to our next tip, which is use the stats that you have now from your creator or business account, so that you can view the stats yourself and see what your top performing posts are. Once you know what these posts are, think about what's in that image or video. And whenever you were doing that made that so popular, you need to start thinking about that and you can recreate it in creative ways in different posts as you go along and create more content. Um, let's break this down a little bit. We're gonna break it down. So when I say that, at least for me, of course you want a certain level of engagement. But if your goal right now, like we're talking about on this episode is just to increase followers, real followers, the stats that are going to be most important to you are profile, click throughs and follow rates. Everything I do when I check these stats for me is discovery because I know how many people that were already following me saw my photos and then profile click through because that's how many of those people went through to see who is this ginger bitch? Should I follow her? And chances are, you know, 50/50 shot, they probably followed me. So what I'm trying to say is, figure out which photos are getting you followed. Once you figure that out, keep trying to do that for a long time for me, although yes, I'm trying to get away from it a little more now, I started to realize like I've talked about before, it was literally the back of my head with me flipping my hair. As silly and specific as that is, I started doing that more and more photos, and those are the photos that started bringing me in this mass amount of followers around when I was at 50K. So just think about that and keep doing it. There's nothing wrong with that, like this is not. We're talking here about analytics and creating content that's going to do on Instagram. It doesn't have to be you know, everything creative about you and your photography and your brand. Like we're literally just getting down to fall. And growth and seriously, that's simple. It's like a game. It's a numbers game.

Dani Rodriguez 20:03

At the end of the day if you don't have an understanding of what your numbers are and what content is keeping people around what content is performing well for you, even from like a brand perspective, you're really not gonna be able to sell yourself here. And I know very, very few people who have had I guess, like Instagram growth success without knowing the numbers behind it. Because at that point, you're just kind of like throwing things out there and seeing what sticks and if it does,

Kelsey Johnson 20:31

It's like playing darts blindfolded. You're playing darts blindfolded. If you don't have your stats. I'm with it with metaphors today.

Dani Rodriguez 20:41

Honestly, I can't even play darts without like a blindfold so

Kelsey Johnson 20:47

Neither can I.

Dani Rodriguez 20:49

So clearly, I still suck. Moving on to tip number seven and that is up your story game. I personally love stories because they give me a really good way to do things that I probably wouldn't normally do in my posts on my feed and that is showing like bts just showing I guess I want to call this like raw footage of Dani's his life. So like my skincare routine, very, very unfiltered moments of my life that I think are funny. Usually on my stories I also bring on my boyfriend and we bullshit on there. The joke is that he has resting bitch face all my followers like ha ha ha ha Scott looks so serious. I mean, it's true. You really get to show people a whole nother layer of you and you get to insert so much personality into stories that might not translate well as a post. And then also with stories, you really have the ability to do fun things like you could put polls out for your followers to answer like, hey, when would you rather see these blog posts live? Monday or Tuesday? Or Never, good bye

Kelsey Johnson 22:08

I'm so sorry I'm trooling you so hard

Dani Rodriguez 22:12

Now that you said this though I really wish that there was like a multiple poll because you know, polls you only have two you basically do like a yes or no answer. I wish there was like a third option so I could understand, "Hey guys, who wants me to put up my banana bread recipe?" And then it's yes, no, and then like, you suck. So that's like, I understand like, "Oh, these are the people that I've completely lost like they're gone."

Now, I'm really failing here, because it's-

Kelsey Johnson 22:42

Or you could pull. Oh my god, or you could pull the thing that influencers do were like, like, do you want to see my banana bread recipe? And you're like, yes. And yeah, and it's like, No, absolutely not.

Dani Rodriguez 22:54

I am a dictator, you don't have a choice. Welcome to my page.

Kelsey Johnson 23:00

Like so glad you guys want to see my recipe like no, no one wants to see this shit.

Dani Rodriguez 23:05

Only five people answered the poll but you don't know that because they all said yes

Kelsey Johnson 23:11

I got my mom answer it, my clout check account. I answered it on my finsta. Yes, yes yes yes.

Dani Rodriguez 23:23

I'm not gonna lie I've actually done that before like I've asked people like, who wants to see I don't know it's like a van tour or just some shit like that and I just literally made the answer is yes and yes, and I remember reading I'm sorry you don't have a choice. I'm gonna show it to you anyways, I think I got one reply. That was good. Haha.

Kelsey Johnson 23:46

No, no, I feel like whatever we do that let's be real. Whatever. I was like, you know, I think recently was like, who wants to see more editing tutorials? Like I already have all these tutorials planned and filled. Like I'm doing it either way. I'm so sorry. We value your opinions we do value your opinions. This is just we're just clout checking or so we

Dani Rodriguez 24:07

We value our opinions more because clearly if an influencer is asking you something on a poll it's not because they're actually giving you you getting your opinion they're literally just trying to set you up for "Hey, this is coming anyways so you don't really have a choice haha here we go." That's the truth though. And then also on stories you have like Q and A's, which I love Q and A's so much

Kelsey Johnson 24:33

I really just did one so if you feel free to troll me,

Dani Rodriguez 24:37

Yeah, you were like ask me interesting questions. And then what ends up happening is when an influencer says asked me interesting questions, and nobody asks an interesting question. They go and put in their own questions, and answer then

Kelsey Johnson 24:51

I didn't do it this time. I didn't, I didn't ask my on questions this time. Some of the questions I got are like, wow, you guys really want interesting we went no filter we went freakin weird here. But have I done that before to promote something like a workshop cough? Yes, I've totally done that we've all done. We've all done that we've all put in questions to our own.

So that's just what we do

Dani Rodriguez 25:15

Going back to banana bread like literally it would be such an influencer move to be like ask me anything and then no one's asking you about your banana bread recipe. So you go on your finsta, and you have you ask yourself a question. Hey, when you gonna put out your banana bread recipe? Then you go oh my god, I got so many questions like this. Great question. I'm gonna totally put it out for you guys tomorrow. It is so sad. And this is literally the truth.

Kelsey Johnson 25:49

If we've learned anything from everything we've said thus far as the day after that this episode comes out we're gonna check our unfollowed rate is gonna have skyrocketed thousands a mass exodus of followers are leaving our accounts as we speak

Dani Rodriguez 26:03

I'm gonna do a q&a on my page and I'm gonna ask myself "Hey, when's the new episode of clout check coming out?"

So glad you asked! Wow, you guys just care so much oh my gosh, ah, truth but all right, bringing it back seriousness. Stories really are a great tool for engaging with the community and whether that community is yourself or not, or people who actually care about you. It's just it's a good tool to have. There's a reason why Instagram ripped this off from Snapchat and is very successful. So you should be using it to your advantage and with that, note, I also want to say that the more of your personality you insert into your stories, the better. I have noticed that when I'm just being my spicy Puerto Rican self and twerking on the camera people are like "Dani, you're so funny. Oh my god. Haha, we would be best of friends. We'd have a twerking earthquake party. Oh my god." No, but seriously, I'm like dancing I feel like is just, I mean for me it's like something I do for fun, right? Personally, you would never see that on like a post or anything but putting it on my stories it makes people go, oh, wow, like haha, this girl she is just as goofy as I am. And she dances this too, or whatever. And it just makes you like a more relatable person for people. And it's funny and entertaining.

Kelsey Johnson 27:32

Exactly. I think it's that relatability factor what you just said because like, especially if you're in our niche and you're posting his beautiful photos and you look like me and I just look like this like moody bitch and all my photos, because I can't help it. But in my stories, and that's what I can just be like, Hi, I'm Kelsey. I'm a weird goofball kind of like this podcast right now. And that way people feel like you are a real person. You're not this like unattainable, highly curated. Like creature Instagram creature. So it's super, super helpful. And I've been noticing or not even noticing this, but so many more brands are paying so much more attention to stories. For almost every brand collab, I have to send story stats now and I have to show how many like link swipe ups link clicks, I'm getting on branded stories, and that can determine your rate. So if you from the get go can have a really strong story presence, it's going to make you more money in the long run as well. And your followers will be happy. So it's a win win. Post, you're twerking vids.

Dani Rodriguez 28:33

And I don't know how you feel about this too. But at least for me before my account was really growing. People who I would look up to that had super super branded curated stories, it was almost kind of nerve wrecking to want to maybe like reach out to them and ask them questions or whatever because everything just feels so like calculated and they almost come off as like so perfect. That it's this There's just an unattainable connection that you could have with that person. And at least when we're being our personalities and stuff, that's when people want to know like, hey, what gear do you recommend for this? Or what? I don't even know what camera Do you want to shoot? What's like your favorite lipstick or whatever, because people are just starting to get so much more interested in your life and they feel like they could ask you from like a friend perspective for your advice for things which helps a lot from a business aspect too

Kelsey Johnson 29:27

Yeah, yeah, definitely. And I've noticed you just have we're talking about like story performance. Like you said, you're just twerking a video like it's always the most like a random funny, like weird stuff from your life that does so well. Like to this day to this day. One of my top performing stories, is I happened to be home at my mom's place visiting and I was in my room I think getting ready to go out because it wasn't quarantine. I could leave the house, and I was playing the new Drake album because this was an album that dropped like two years ago. The story is two years ago, and my mom walked into the room, and she didn't know I was already filming for God knows why I was filming. And she just walked in with no context. And she just started throwing down dancing. She didn't even know who Drake was. She still probably doesn't know who Drake was. And then she saw I was filming and she freaked out. And it was so hilarious. And we were both like, cracked up laughing. What do I do? I use my mom and I put her on my story immediately. Using and abuse nerd. And that story did so well, that story did so well. People thought it was so funny too and you know, I've done since then so whenever I'm home, I film my mom and she pretends to hate it. All the stories of my mom and they always do so well. People. I don't know what people think that's so funny. But they do. She's the real star of Instagram. Shout out mom. Cool.

Dani Rodriguez 30:48

Well, there's also to thinking about it. I feel like we all kind of have moments like that with our parents that nobody else really sees you like they're coming in. They're dancing. They're trying to embarrass you, whatever making you lab parents and so again, it goes back to like being relatable because somebody might look at that and go, Oh, haha my mom like does the same thing. Oh my gosh, there's a so funny whatever. Like it sounds like we have pets as mothers like yours does that too?

Kelsey Johnson 31:24

I'm so sorry I love you so much. But no, what are we still talking about here: that relatability factor, like I'm sorry, every single day of your life, you're not on the top of a mountain with beautiful clouds beneath you and sunrise. Like I'm not even fucking doing that every day and it's my job. So relatability is so important. So important, and that's what you can do with your stories, and that's gonna help you grow. And on that note about sharing your personality and being relatable. That brings us to our next tip, consider posting yourself. Um, and I know some people do like being in photos. So we're going to talk about the different ways that you can do this if you are not a Insta model whore like I am. And so when you look at, or at least when I look at my top performing posts, the ones that are getting the most profile, click throughs in my stats, because now you guys are already checking those, if you listen to this so far are the photos of me because people want to see who is this girl who's this girl, we've already talked about this earlier. So you can put that into place for yourself too. And that's gonna help you start getting more click throughs if you're putting yourself in your photo, and you're tagging yourself, that is a secret, I don't tell people I tagged myself in every one of my photos, because I will do anything for the clout, because people click the photo and they're like, oh, that girl is Kelsey and they click through again, just little things you can do like that. Um, so And beyond that people just want to know who you are. So even if you're not like me, and you don't want to post yourself in your photos all the time, I would say at least every once in a while force yourself to go on camera. Just take like a happy smiling photo of you. You can use a your tripod set a timer if you're too nervous to be around other people shooting you just get a good photo of yourself put it out there be like hey guys wanted to introduce myself because you don't know the person behind these photos. People love those posts they want to know about you they want to see who is the person behind the account taking all the photos on and if like even that if you do that sometimes you don't want to do that. Go back to the stories start just talking on stories sometimes just be yourself and we cannot tell you for our brands how how long of a way that has taken us by going from being like a voiceless account to at least showing a little bit of who we are in our personalities. Not as much as this podcast, but a little bit. Um, yeah, Dani, how do you feel about that?

Dani Rodriguez 33:39

Yeah, I agree. And since we keep throwing kind of like brand perspective in there, I personally believe I have actually had brands tell me hey, we want to work with you because we like the connection you have with your audience. It makes your account so much more sellable. If a brand knows that they can give you a product and you could be like, hey, here I am. You guys know this personality, I recommend this product, blah, blah, blah. It just it does people connect with you more. And so that shouldn't just translate into stories, any way that you can incorporate that into your feed I think can go a super long way. I mean, even if you have a super like, artsy account, like Kelsey said, people will do, hey, this is the BTS of how I took this photo like swipe over to the next slide to sort of see this or, oh, here I am the person behind the camera holding a pic holding the camera. And then under caption, we'll talk about like five facts you didn't know about them. So just any way that you could, yeah, there's so many different ways that you could put yourself in your feed. And I think that especially if you're going to kind of have any sort of social media presence. I mean, it's, it's social media. So to be social is showing who you are. And that's the truth.

Kelsey Johnson 35:00

Yeah, I completely agree. I've had several calls with influencer management agencies, these experts that know like are finding people that they think can get good gigs and get make more money from being a quote unquote influencer. And every time they always tell me the same thing, we are so glad that you post your face because it is so much more marketable. Because there's all these girls and all these guys in the space that ever another never show themselves at all. Or they only show the back of their head standing like I used to. And I'm sorry, you can't sell as many products that way. And I know that sounds like a little gross and skeezy. But if you are growing a following, that's probably to make money off of this. There's nothing wrong with that. So you got to show you if you want to get 50% of the brand gigs out there is what I think I've learned on my own career and Dani has too. So show your beautiful face. Find a way creative to do it if you're not a model, and yeah, show who you are.

Dani Rodriguez 35:50

Tip number nine. This is actually probably one of my favorite tips because I think it's something else that gets overlooked a lot and it makes me really, really happy when I do these things and that is plan and create seasonal content, content around holidays. It's just so much fun like when Christmas comes I remember my boyfriend and I we even set up like this camper van shot. We had a little Christmas tree and things and people went nuts for that shit. And it was so fun and cute to create. But I mean, even outside of holidays, you know, doing like beachy stuff in the summer or even just like you know, summer focus outfits, whatever your niche is, and the fall obviously showing like some fall colors and everything that goes like that. People are going on the app to look for inspiration during very seasonal times. They're looking at blog posts or like a seasonal perspective, too. So there's no reason why your photos shouldn't have some touch of the season in them because it comes off very timely, and it comes off just trending overall because I think like when fall hits what do people want to look at? Like I said, they want to look at pumpkin spice lattes and fall colors, they're not looking for beachy summer things anymore because that's not on their mind around December they're thinking about Christmas. So by you posting any sort of holiday little things, that's what people are going to do. So the more seasonal that you could be, I think that your posts will definitely perform a little bit better around those time periods and they're just a really good way to get creative and do something different because there's so much seasonal content out there that you could put out so I say go ham.

Kelsey Johnson 37:31

Yeah, and on top of what Dani is saying on the the accounts that are so smart about this, our feature accounts and feature accounts are the ones that when they post your photo other people are going to see it and that's really going to blow your account up. And so when you post these new content, you have a much higher chance of getting featured by feature accounts and that is so so important. I can really attribute fall to blowing up my account. That's really what did it for me. I really I really strongly believe that. Because I went to fall I shot fall and then every feature count wanted to post fall colors and they all picked up those those photos. It was so much easier. Now I play my entire schedule around that. Dani, I don't know why that's funny to you. I'm being very serious right now.

Dani Rodriguez 38:13

It's because I don't know you heard yourself but you're like I fall I shot fall. Like this bitch, jumped over a different time warp and she went to fucking fall. She was like. She was like, I'm going to fall right now you're with me or without me

Kelsey Johnson 38:30

Just so you know, I literally, I'm so obsessed with fall now because of this. Like I've literally thought of the ways on how I could hit fall for an entire year across the world because you could mix it with the southern hemisphere on the other side of the year. And then you know, fall changes like slowly across the country and in other countries like Japan. It starts in the north and goes to the south. So I've literally created a schedule as to how I could hit fall all year round. I go to Patagonia in April fall, bitches fall all year pumpkin spice lattes. I will drink them in July. I also post like I specifically yes are places I actually want to go. But there's a reason why I went to Norway and the Arctic Circle every winter to post snowy content. There's a reason why you should go to tropical places in spring, there's a reason why we are all camping in the mountains and summer is because that's what people want to see. Because the season is there, and it's relevant to their lives and future console pick it up. Um, so I think you guys kind of get that point. We wanted to give some examples of the really stupid extra shit that we've done to get picked up by feature accounts on holidays. And I'm actually so embarrassed that this worked. So well. I don't I'm scared. I'm gonna go Dani, you should go. You tell your story. You be stupid.

Dani Rodriguez 39:44

So when I was living in the camper van dirt bagging my life around my boyfriend and I drove all the way to New England to go see fall colors and then we started making our way down the east coast and we were having the time of our lives I mean there's orange and red trees everywhere. It's super beautiful if you haven't been in before and fall highly recommend. Okay, so anyways, we found this one campsite and we knew that we wanted to do something there but we really weren't sure what. Halloween was kind of coming around. We're like, hmm, it'd be really fun to do something kind of like ooh, spoopy spooky.

Kelsey Johnson 40:23

Did you say spoopy spooky?

Dani Rodriguez 40:25

Yeah I did don't @ me bro. So we actually went to this woman her name was Ma and it was Ma's farm and we met Ma and she was like 90 years old, the sweetest little old lady she gave us like free jam. She was like all Where are you from? You found ma's shop. I was like, oh my god, Ma. I love you. So we bought two giant 20 plus pound pumpkins. And we were like, okay, we know what we're gonna do here. We got out of Ma's. Goodbye. Her and I are homeys now. We drove up back to our campsite and on our rainy moody day couldn't be more perfect for the spooky vibe so we were looking for we carved pumpkins to look like cheesy jack o' lanterns with the triangle eyes and the smiles and stuff and we gutted them completely and put them on our heads. And we did a photo shoot being pumpkin heads and I low key got scoliosis from doing this because it was- look okay, the pump- people are like oh my god this Photoshop? No. All right, like my back is still fucking compressed from this shit. It hurt so bad and it's stinky, stinky, stinky stank, stunk. My fucking flannel got pumpkin juices on it. I was like so ratchet. I'm living in a fucking van am I gonna be able to shower for four days bullshit and- Whatever I did it for the gram don't regret it and a bunch of Van life pages picked up our pumpkin photo shoot and they shared them everywhere. And now I'm seeing a chiropractor because my spine has been compressed by a pumpkin. I wish there was more like, actually- wow, I just realized I just wish that there were more like seasonally appropriate vegetables that I could put on my head. Like I guess this summer I could totally do watermelons in the winter I could do like cantaloupes because it's like, you know-

Kelsey Johnson 41:40

No one thinks of cantaloupes in winter. Never liked December 22 I'm like, oh, this bitch needs-

Dani Rodriguez 42:40

Cantaloupes are seasonal they are melons are formed in winter and everybody knows it. Okay, whatever. Get out of here. Us brunettes seem to be creative. I'm sorry. I don't have ginger hair whisping in the wind you hot cheeto

Kelsey Johnson 42:53

I never cover my beautiful flames with a pumpkin

Dani Rodriguez 42:56

I really think I'm onto something here I could put like melons on my head and just burn my skin with the hot intensity of 1000 suns a they'll be like wow that bitch took lemonade to a whole new level when life gives you lemons you could do an Instagram photo shoot. There you go. See that's how you do seasonal content right ladies and gents and it's unique. Nobody will have seen it and people will go crazy for that BTS of me squirting lemons in my eyes to get the photo.

Kelsey Johnson 43:25

Okay, anyways, um, I'm going to talk about my examples for holiday content. So I've done this for about Fourth of July and like I accidentally did it from Canada Day I know I'm not Canadian. I didn't even mean to do it. Um, but so before the July you can imagine like I have literally gone because I used to live in SF like I've gone to the Golden Gate Bridge with an American flag and I've waved it in the wind and I know it sounds so stupid. Like this is the first time I've ever done this something this extra for photo but like that she picked up everywhere. Like I actually got a lot of followers. Even if I hated it like even if I didn't want it on my feet I should have just done it gotten all the followers from it and then like taking it down. Just just just an idea of you want to have our dignity that we do.

Dani Rodriguez 44:13

You look like a budget Captain America and everybody was like yes MURICA I'm living for this. Yeah, I'm not gonna be starring in a Marvel movie anytime soon but hey, here I am.

Kelsey Johnson 44:24

I was having so much anxiety over it too cuz like, you're supposed to be respectful of American flags, right? So like, I just had this like moral compass about it, dude, I couldn't let go. So I was like, the flag cannot touch the ground. Like it has to be good for the flag. Like red. Certainly trying to float in the wind but like make sure I don't wreck this flag. Because like, I don't know, I don't wanna be like a horrible American. So that's one example. Also the photos did well for me last year was I happen to have already been in Canada. I happened to be at the banger lake of all banger lakes, Moraine Lake in Banff. If you don't know what we're talking about, then you need to look it up right now. And that's like as freakin it is the Instagram mecca of the world. And I happened to be there I was with my dope Canadian friend who brought out a canoe and we're doing this like classic canoe shot and it turned out that they knew Canada Day was coming up. So they had a Canadian flag and I was like, oh, would you guys mind if I use that flag for a photo? Because my gears are turning in my influence ho brain and I'm like, Canada Day must be coming up. I am in Canada. I am on a Canadian like I am in a canoe that's very Canadian. These are all stereotypes. Canadian flag people love flags on on the country holiday you can do it for any country. Like if you're Norwegian do Norway Day in May. You can do this anywhere you guys. So I pose with this flag in a canoe with the mountains of Moraine lake and oh my god, that photo is everywhere. And I'm not even Canadian. Like I felt kind of bad. Almost like that photo was Every kid every feature account that day, wow, American Girl visiting Canada for the first time.

Dani Rodriguez 46:06

I feel like this is such an American thing to do, just go to countries where people don't want us and just infiltrate and be like, ah,

Kelsey Johnson 46:14

Bring their flag. You know nothing about the country. You don't even know what their president is or their leader. Come on in. Bring the flag.

Dani Rodriguez 46:22

It is true though. I know we're joking a lot here. But I mean, people were I look at seasonal content. Every time around fall, I'm looking at pumpkin spice shit to me, you know, around Christmas, I'm all into the holiday spirit. It's true. Just think about all the different holiday stuff that you can do. And it's a good way to mix things up too. Because I know that for me, like sometimes I get kind of bored. I'm like, okay, I'm just kind of posting the same shit. You know, whatever. Maybe I'm not traveling too much. And when a holiday comes, it's like the creativity just starts flowing. You just start putting veggies and gourds on your head and you're like, wow. I made it ma.

Kelsey Johnson 47:02

The thing I have struggled with with this is that normally like forget when the holiday is gonna happen like it's easy for Christmas, right or that kind of time or like fall, but like when like I always miss Valentine's Day, I always miss New Year's Eve, I'm never ready for content with those. So just like if you can think those things through or if you happen to be in a place of random time of the year and you're like, this would actually be perfect for this holiday, shoot it then. And then put a little reminder in your calendar a couple of days before that holiday and then you're gonna be ready to go. And you're just gonna rake in the followers, you're gonna rake them in We, we just talked a lot about that kind of content being good for being picked up by feature accounts. I cannot stress enough how much growth you're going to get from being able to get picked up by feature accounts. And the other really good way to do that before our last and final tip here is to go for viral content. You need to be posting stuff that has at least the chance of going viral like that seasonal stuff did a little bit for us? Um, what do I mean by that? How do you create something viral? You know, if it was easy to do, we'd be doing it every day. I'd be doing it every day. And we get all these shares and stuff. So it's not easy to create something viral. And it's hard to guess what's going to be viral. But here's the things that I think you can at least think about to try to get to that point. And think about something that people have not seen before. I mean, to be honest with you, like if you go to Horseshoe Bend, you take a photo of Horseshoe Bend, it's been seen so many times, it's highly unlikely that that's going to get a lot of shares. But doesn't mean you can't go shoot that and post it like it still does. Well, it's still a dope spot, like maybe you still want to go, that's fine. But that's not what we're talking about. We're talking about viral content that people are going to pick up on feature accounts. So it should be something that people haven't seen before. When you go to locations, try to find something new. That's really cool that people haven't seen before. I can't stress enough when I went to China and I went to places that no one else that I'd seen at least had shot and put on Instagram, that was the stuff that got shared everywhere because no one's seen it before. So it's a new people want to see new stuff and on top of that, I think it really helps to have some sort of wow factor. And that it has to be something where there's kind of an approachable human element. I'm not gonna say that that's always. But when I see things that blow up that I'm like, whoa, that maybe I didn't even take, it's like, man, I just remember where there was like that one photo of like someone sitting in a car, and there was like a bison coming off them on the road, things like that. You're like, Whoa, because not only is this something you don't normally see, you can kind of imagine yourself in that photo. Like you, you can feel like you're sitting in that car, because you see, like that the rim and edges of the car window and stuff like that. Like, those are the kind of images that tend to blow up i think is when someone's experiencing something happening because you can put yourself in those shoes. So I think that's kind of another little helpful tip for being viral as well. Um, yeah, there seems to have that wow factor where the moment someone sees it, they're like, what is this it doesn't matter if it's just like a grainy iPhone video doesn't matter if it's like the most beautiful photo in the world on it's just has to be something new that grabs people's attention. That makes them feel like they're there. And that newness is the most important part. And that's going to give you so much more of a chance to get picked up by these accounts. And then once one big account picks it up all the little ones pick it up, and then more big ones pick it up, and it becomes this massive cycle. And then everyone picks it up, and then boom, you've hit 100K, boom, you've hit 500k, boom, you hit a million followers, and you are rich.

Dani Rodriguez 50:19

Yeah, that's a super good point, too. And even if you're somebody who maybe isn't that into taking photos and chasing new locations, or whatever, I've also seen a lot of people go, you know, quote, unquote, viral by having really relatable captions. So things that are timely, like, especially with everybody being in quarantine right now, people are talking about their feelings and being a little bit more vulnerable. So having something that the key with the viral stuff, I think it has to just be shareable across the board.

Kelsey Johnson 50:51

Well, those are our main tips. Um, but I think there's just one more overarching thing we need to say about this. If you get one thing from this episode, and it's not us joking about shit is actually this I'm being so serious, serious face putting on serious face. None of these tips are going to work for you unless you post high quality content consistently, every single day, like we talked about high quality changes a little bit dependent on your niche. But no matter what it is, it has to be a good looking photo or video. Even if that's what an iPhone doesn't matter. They could, you know, you're still following composition, you're still editing your stuff, it's still looking consistent in your feed, it has to be high quality or no one's going to care about looking at it, and it. No one's going to want to share it. So you just have to make sure that you are checking yourself and making sure that you feel like your skills, in terms of photography, or whatever it is, are up to par that you're creating the best content that you can, and we're always growing we can all get better, I can get better, like you just have to make sure that you're getting there with that. And if you're not, then push yourself to learn more and got there because none of these tips are going to work. Unless your photos are the shit. Let's be real.

Dani Rodriguez 52:07

Yeah, I totally agree quality is there, nobody wants to see photographs taken with a potato.

So on that note, Kelsey, how about you tell us about one of your top performing posts and why you think that has done so well for you.

Kelsey Johnson 52:24

And I'm going to tell you about how those relate to these tips that we just gave you. The layers we're putting it all together. Now it is coming together. Okay, so I want the photo that came to mind and we decided we were going to share a photo that you know, leveled up to these tips and actually posted it again recently. Um, it is me sitting on an abandoned trolley in a plethora of fall colors and trees that had turned fall left there. Okay, vocab, um, and I always shocked me to be honest, like we saw there was a place that we were thinking about going. And I honestly said, I was like, I don't even know if it's cool enough, because it's not even really nature. It's like, it's an abandoned thing that's like a rotting yard. Like, I don't really know if we should do that. No, I just mean, like, it's not really something I normally post is abandoned things. So I was like, I don't really know if we should even do this. But like, okay, we'll go, it's on the way to where we're going. Cool. And that photo was done so well. And here is why we've talked about fall, I've run fall into the ground. It was seasonal content. That's helpful. This trolley had not really been seen on Instagram before. So it was new. It was new, and then I'm sitting on top of the trolley. So not only is it me, so people can click through and see me there's a person that makes a relatable human element. That means that you can go there and then the fact that I'm sitting on top of this abandoned train is the wow factor. It's like how would this bitch get there where the fuck this place like there's just so many reasons why you look at that photo. And you're just like, why? How, whoa, whoa, that's kind of cool. So all of those elements came together. And not only does it perform well on a page, and I always get really high engagement and click throughs. But especially in fall, that photo got so many shares and features, I cannot tell you. That photo is from a long time ago. Now, it's like a year and a half ago, that is still the photo people bring up to me all the time. Like when I'm doing interviews and stuff people are like, Yeah, tell us about the trolley photo, the train. And I'm like, really? Like I've done so much other work since then. But let's talk about this broken ass train again. Okay.

So yeah, that's why that that photo did so well. So those are the things I'm thinking about in the back of my head. When I'm thinking about what I want to shoot in the future and the places I want to go shoot.

Mm hmm. Dani what about you?

Dani Rodriguez 54:48

Oh, my God, it's my turn. Okay, well, actually, my most viral piece of content has a lot of similarities to yours. So I this was taken this past fall, fall. If there's one thing you guys podcast is get out at fall pumpkin spice rules. I was in New Hampshire for fall and went on this hike that not a lot of people have gone on before. And I took a video of me walking to what looks like the very tippy edge of this cliff that you ended up hiking to. So again, going back to a lot of the same stuff that you said it was fall, it was seasonal, so got passed around a lot at that time. There was a human element because you can see like my feet walking to the edge, so it kind of like makes that point of view of oo that could be me walking to the edge.

And it was a place that people hadn't seen before. So it was new. And I think that especially for being a video it was kind of like just 15 seconds was enough to do sort of like a walking element create that suspense and then pan that you can see this whole view and people were like, Where is this hike, I want to go like it makes you more want to be that person that's walking towards the colors. So that photo did a photo that video

did super well for me. And it got passed around to a lot of different big video feature accounts. And

I gained a lot of followers from that. So again, thank you fall for sponsoring this episode.

Kelsey Johnson 56:20

Yeah, and actually like, I feel like I didn't touch on this yet and you just did. Um, video content is so shareable right now and I feel like it's really performing well, the algorithm. I haven't done as much because I feel like I don't know I wanted to make sure the content quality was like high for my Instagram because I'm not as well versed in video, but to that point, the thing that's done the most viral for me this year because of TikTok, which we should talk about another episode TikTok

Oh, God, we're going there was that video of being in a hot tub in an igloo at the Matterhorn, because that has over 15 million views on Tick Tock. I was like, Oh, that's something so I posted on Instagram that got picked up by the biggest feature accounts that have never featured my work or ever talk to me. That blew up everywhere I've over that one thing. Not only have I probably gained like 200,000, 200,000 followers on tik tok but at least at least 5k on Instagram, which is pretty high, you know?

And that video.

This was with my friend Ryan shout out Ryan. So he walks in with the phone, just an iPhone. First. You see this weird hallway that looks like ice and you're like, That's weird. And then suddenly, it's like, Whoa, there's a hot tub. Whoa, there's a girl in a beanie in the hot tub. Why She's so happy to be in a hot tub. She's just like moving around in this hot stuff. And then the camera pans camera pans. Is she in an igloo?

That's so weird. She's in an igloo. Why is she in a hot tub in igloo? I've never thought of that before.

And then

boom, boom, then you go to the window

and the window has a Matterhorn in it. And you're like, this bitch is in a hot

tub in an igloo and next to the Matterhorn in Switzerland.

I want to be that I want to be there. That's so crazy. It's just something so novel that you haven't seen before. And I think that video clip was short enough that it kept people attention but also like it kept having like this reveal factor where you didn't know what's happening and you saw the next thing you saw the next thing and there was a human in it. There's that human element that we keep talking about,

and that couldn't believe how much that blew up. Like when me and Ryan took that video we were just like, Oh yeah, that was cool. And then it just like went crazy. Um, and it was new It was a place that had not been shot very much.

So now if you try to go do that because honestly people have been trying to go shoot there now and that's totally fine, go shoot there, but it's not gonna blow up like that first video did even for me if I repost it it's not gonna do as well because it's not new anymore. So you have to keep finding new things like that and that's what's hard, but it's possible it's possible so we're all chasing

Dani Rodriguez 58:40

Yeah and video. Just it does have like that storytelling factor to where it just becomes a whole different story from a photo I feel like we could even add like to this whole list of tips how we just had also

Kelsey Johnson 58:54

Do a separate episode

Dani Rodriguez 58:55

Mix up your different content, do some photos, do some videos, get creative and That way because that's what's gonna get end up getting shared the whole ton

Kelsey Johnson 59:02

And I think that kind of wraps up our whole episode on how to hit that 100k in a year or guys at least this is how we did it. That's not to say it's not a lot of hard work this is gonna take a lot of your time shooting and posting and shooting and posting and shooting and posting and trying to get new stuff and it is not easy but we are here to show you that it is possible if these two bitches did it then you can definitely do it like we are not brilliant over here. So I think that's it and I think that means that we are going to wrap up this episode like we wrap up every episode, we are going to read a DM that landed into our inbox this week. Yay. Our favorite thing we do. Um, I don't know. Dani, should you go first again?

I feel bad saying that out loud. I don't know I can go first.

Dani Rodriguez 59:51

It's fine because I actually want to go first to show everybody that my followers really do care about me and yours are just a bunch of fucking trash dumpster monkeys. They're weak.

Kelsey Johnson 1:00:00

Oh, burn, oh, burn steer to the core.

Dani Rodriguez 1:00:06

No, but um, so Okay, first of all, my inbox isn't really working right now. So I can't see a lot of my message requests. So this was one that's just kind of sitting at the top of my inbox that I could see. So I was like, Okay, this works and it's kind it complements me. So I'm gonna go ahead and read this dm. Just so it's there. So kind and here it goes. The dm says, seriously, you got to put a highlight of your beautiful smile that you were in each of your posts. There is no way you're gonna read this but still. Oh my god, boo, I'm crying. I did read it even though you don't know that because you're still in my request box. And also respond-

Kelsey Johnson 1:00:52

You just told me about it you didn't even respond, be better. Listen to our tips. Dani. You have to engage with your audience.

Dani Rodriguez 1:01:00

Too Cool For School.

I don't know this. This is just such a nice dm it belongs on one of those motivational posters with the kitty cat. Oh, you should make a highlight of your beautiful smile.


Know what I'm talking about they were in like all your kindergarten class. Um, so anyways,

yeah, that was my wonderfully complimentary dm that I received this week. Your turn.

Kelsey Johnson 1:01:26

So why does her really one dm of the week for me with just the consistency it's like he's reading our tips on how to be a creeper

in my DMs. Like he is so dedicated to dming me week after week and month after month. Like I'm kind of proud of him in a weird way.

Or at least it was at first this is we're honestly we're gonna I'm taking you through a tale here of what it was like to discover this in my inbox. So that was my first thing and why I had a little laugh I thought it was great. Um, so before we go into any other details about This, I'm just going to read the DM for you. And so all of these DMS that I'm getting from this person, I just want you guys to know that everything he says to me he's responding to a random story usually of me traveling somewhere that has absolutely nothing to do with what he's saying to me. So just think about that in your mind. Like I'm in Turkey. I'm in China. I'm in the Caribbean. I'm in the PNW. This doesn't make any sense. Okay. September 10. Have a good day. September 16. Hello, hug hug. December 14. Hello, hug. Hello, good morning, December 19. Hello, kiss hug. March 10. Hello, good morning. Kiss Kiss. March 20. Hello. So nice looking.

Good hug hug. March 29.

Hello. So nice face hug hug. March also March 29. Hello. So nice, beautiful flowers sweet hug. Hug. emoji, kissy emoji.

April 5th. Hello. Good

morning. Have a good day sweet hug.

April 11.

Hello Happy Easter hug kiss.

April 12. Hello. Good morning. Have a good day. Sweet hug hug. March. No, actually this Monday

when I send this dm to Dani at 11:03pm Hello, good morning. Have a good day. Sweet hug hug.

Dani Rodriguez 1:03:29

It sounds like the worst Dr. Seuss book I've ever read.

Kelsey Johnson 1:03:34

Dr. Seuss that haunts your dreams. Oh my

god. Like it's just he just keeps going. It's funny because it was like more, more random like it'd be only like once every couple of months, and it's like he is he is going all in now because I've never opened his DM.

He's no go into like every week every day. He's just serving it up on a platter of Hello kiss hug hug to me.

So good for him.

Once again guys don't do this. I'm gonna block you or ignore you.

But still like you're kind of have to give it to him.

Dani Rodriguez 1:04:07

Yeah, I mean, he's persistent and he just wants to be a loving and affectionate man with Hello kiss kiss hug hug little kiss big kiss

Kelsey Johnson 1:04:18

Except, this is where the story takes a turn. This is where we have a plot twist and it's not one I really mean it made me feel really icky inside. I'm going to be honest, because at first we're like, haha, this is funny. Um, but then I just got curious as to who was sending me these dm so consistently. And usually when stuff comes in like this, it's from um, it looks like a spam account. Right? Like obviously, there's someone behind it. But usually the the writing isn't a language that I don't know. Um, usually there's not really a real person. It's just like a few photos of like, I don't know a poster. It just doesn't make any sense. Um, so that's what I thought I thought this is gonna be like a spam account. Anything block move on with my life. I've got other things to do today.

Um, no, no, it's not. This is an account

from a middle aged man who lives in Stockholm, Sweden.

All of his photos

are of his loving wife and his two adorable blonde children. And this is the same man. That's DMing me. Hello, kiss hug hug almost every day of my life.


yeah, that's that's kind of gross. I don't even know what to do with that.

That's not even funny.

I don't know. I can't even like rip a joke right now.

Just like Don't do that. Don't do that.

Dani Rodriguez 1:05:39

Yeah, if you're gonna try to be a Dr. Seuss-less rhymer

at least make sure you don't have a family waiting for you because your rhyming career is just gonna go downhill.

Kelsey Johnson 1:05:51

Like send these to your wife. I'm sure there's a reason she married you why you are you

wake up next time I go. Hello, kiss hug. Just kiss hug. Kiss hug kiss.

Dani Rodriguez 1:06:01

Don't even do that actions. Just say that to her. Hello

Kelsey Johnson 1:06:04

kiss. Just say it's not be affectionate. You just say reflections.

Yeah told us to your wife.

Dani Rodriguez 1:06:10

You know what though? Um, I think that he's really invented a new way for people to still be affectionate with each other during this whole Coronavirus pandemic because why I'm not gonna give you a kiss kiss hug hug I'm just gonna tell you Hello kiss hug and we don't have to touch because social distance so it was great. Thank you for becoming part of the solution. Not the problem, sir.

Kelsey Johnson 1:06:31

Every morning Dani you're gonna wake up to a text from me

Every morning for me.

Dani Rodriguez 1:06:38

Hello, sweet face kiss kiss

All right, ladies. And gents. That wraps up another episode of clout check. Make sure you come back here every Tuesday. And before you go, leave us a review, subscribe to our podcast because you know, we're all about that clout. And if you want to see more of clout check, you could see anything and every clout on our Instagram page which is @cloutcheckpodcast.

Kelsey Johnson 1:07:04

And if after listening to this, you don't believe us that we have been putting these tips to work for ourselves. You can go check out her personal account and make sure that we are doing as we say, I am @heykelseyj and Dani is @dani_the_explorer

And you know what?

That wraps up Episode Four.

Dani Rodriguez 1:07:25

Hello, kiss, hug hug.

Hello, kiss hug hug bye bye bye.

Kelsey Johnson 1:07:30

Bye bye, bitches.




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