Episode 9 - Our Most Embarrassing Basic B*tch Instagram Captions

On today's episode of Clout Check, hosts Dani (@dani_the_explorer) and Kelsey (@heykelseyj) are throwing it waaaaay back. You're about to get a taste of what angsty emo teen Kelsey and DJ Khaled wannabe Dani were posting on their Instagram channels when they first embarked on their social media journeys. The girls take turns dissecting their archived Instagram posts, reading you the captions they once thought were so clever but now deeply regret. Will this episode bring value to your life? No. But will you laugh? Perhaps. Guess you’re gonna have to listen and find out.


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In this weekly podcast, Instagram influencers, photographers, and world travelers Dani Rodriguez (@dani_the_explorer) and Kelsey Johnson (@heykelseyj) pull back the curtains on what it’s REALLY like having #influence. 

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